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An-Nahar Interview with our CEO | The War for Talent: Hiring the Best and the Brightest

Full article available at An-Nahar website. BEIRUT: Welcome to the talent economy. There has never been a time when top-tier talent was more in demand, more valuable, and harder to find. Real expertise, based on profound skill and experience, is a powerful force multiplier for a company’s performance. Expertise delivers numerous core values versus individuals that haven’t been there or done that; missed sleep or...

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4 Tips for Effective Headhunting

4 Tips for Effective Headhunting

It’s a great time to be a headhunter. With the help of powerful social networks such as LinkedIn, it has never been easier to gain access to top quality talent. But access is not enough to attract the caliber of professionals your business needs. Today, professionals are bombarded with information from around the web and they’ve become accustomed to filtering out the noise. To capture...

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