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As Human Resources experts in the MENA region, companies come to us for help with their HR-related issues. Our team of SHRM certified consultants has worked with companies of all sizes: From local family businesses to multinational corporations and governmental institutions. We start by meeting with company decision-makers to learn about your business and its unique requirements. After that, we conduct an internal HR audit in coordination with your staff in order to present you with a customized proposal that fits your company’s requirements.

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Our HR Consulting Services

As a business, it’s important to understand the reasons behind employee turnover and low employee morale. More importantly, identifying potential problems before they happen and working on a solution are key for business continuity and productivity. Our employee engagement service is designed for companies that are experiencing high employee turnover, low productivity, low morale, complaints about managers and other similar issues.

Service Benefits:

  • Identify the factors that engage and disengage your employees

  • Anonymously receive feedback from employees regarding the competence of their direct managers

  • Measure strategic alignment between company goals and employees’ work


  • Customized employee engagement survey questionnaire (available in Arabic, English and French)

  • Administration of employee engagement survey via our cloud-based system

  • Employee engagement report and analysis

  • Presentation to management with recommended plan of action

Is your company having a hard time attracting and retaining top talent? Are you experiencing a high level of employee turnover in key positions? Then you might have an employer branding proposition problem. Knowing what top talent is looking for and what you can offer to meet your business goals is critical to growing a solid talent pool in your company. We help companies identify their talent needs and assist them in building and communicating their employer brand.

Service Benefits:

  • Become recognized as an employer of choice

  • Increase the quality of your recruitment talent pool

  • Effectively communicate the benefits of working at your company

  • Attract the right candidates for your company


  • Internal and external opinion survey results about your company’s brand

  • Employer brand proposition document in alignment with company strategy

  • Employer branding strategic plan

  • Employer branding handbook for HR, line managers, and top management

  • Communication strategy to deliver employer brand

  • Deployment of metrics and analytics to measure performance of employer branding initiatives

Setting a formal HR structure is an important first step for every successful business. We help companies develop solid policies and procedures based on their business requirements whether they don’t have any HR processes in place or whether they want to refine their existing ones.

Service Benefits:

  • Develop clear and formal procedures for all HR related issues to maintain consistency and legal compliance across your company

  • Implement HR management best practices in all HR functions

  • Communicate clear expectations to employees for better accountability


  • Company audit report on current state of informal and formal policies and procedures with recommended action plan

  • Formal policies and procedures documentation in compliance with ISO 9001 standards

  • Employee handbook

This service is designed for companies that currently have HR processes but are experiencing inefficiencies and inconsistent service levels. The goal is to re-engineer the HR processes to be lean, effective and efficient and thus support the company as needed instead of creating unnecessary hurdles.

Service Benefits:

  • Increased efficiency of HR processes with quick response time

  • Low-cost automation of redundant services

  • Processes based on international HR standards


  • Diagrams for each HR process based on BPMN standard

  • Process documentation explaining each process in detail according to ISO 9001 standard

  • Forms, spreadsheets, and other related supporting documents

This service is designed for companies that want to automate one or all their HR functions with the help of software, but don’t know where to start or how to decide which software provider(s) can fulfill their needs. We help you to identify your needs and select an HR software system that meets those needs while remaining within your budget.

Service Benefits:

  • Identify which HR functions a company needs to automate

  • Develop a list of requirements needed by the company for a smooth HR operation

  • Identify the software providers that fit the company requirements and budget

  • Manage the implementation and customization process with the help of our HR consultants


  • Audit report of HR functions being considered for automation with recommendations and technical requirements

  • Report and presentation recommending software solutions and reasoning behind the recommendations

  • Managing software provider(s) to ensure that HRIS software is implemented and functions as described in technical requirements document

This service is designed for companies that want HR to be a strategic partner, as it should be. The goal is to create an HR strategy with KPI’s linked directly to the company’s overall strategic performance indicators. The end result is an HR function that is capable and ready to equip the company with the HR support and foresight it needs to succeed in the market and remain ahead of the competition.

Service Benefits:

  • Align the HR function with the company’s strategic objectives

  • Develop an HR strategy with performance indicators (KPI’s) linked to the company’s financial success

  • Develop accountability for HR functions and ability to measure success and failure of HR projects and initiatives


  • Documentation of HR strategic goals and tactical action plan for next 3 to 5 years

  • Balanced Scorecard for HR department

  • Deployment of HR analytics to measure performance of HR function in relation to company strategy

Benchmarking your company’s job functions to your industry and market is important to maintaining a competitive edge. We help companies with job analysis of existing or newly created job and proceed with writing formal job description for each unique function.

Service Benefits:

  • Develop a clear scope of work for each job function that makes it easier to assess performance

  • Ensure that job descriptions accurately reflect your company’s business needs as opposed to being outdated and no longer relevant

  • Implement a framework for job analysis and job descriptions that will help your company integrate new job functions and modify current job descriptions in the future


  • Library of competencies (competencies dictionary)

  • Job family classifications

  • Job descriptions and re-usable templates for each unique position

  • Documentation and training material for HR staff on how to use, modify and add job descriptions

This service is designed for companies that do not have a job grading system and salary structure in place. Job evaluation is the process of ranking jobs within the company based on importance and contribution to the company’s strategy. The result of the job evaluation is then used to create a salary scale structure using the point-factor methodology.

Service Benefits:

  • Pay employees fairly based on their contributions to the company

  • Benchmark your salary scale to the market in order to retain your top talent


  • Job evaluation report with job ranking of all positions within the company

  • Point-factor system documentation with scores assigned for each competency

  • Salary scale matrix with grading system

A company’s formal structure should fit its operational needs instead of being randomly built. Inefficient organization structures lead to poor performance and loss of profits. We help companies develop the right structure to meet their desired business goals and right-sizing headcount to maintain a lean company.

Service Benefits:

  • Create an organization structure designed with a customer service focus in mind

  • Remove unnecessary company layers and minimize inefficiencies

  • Decrease decision-making cycle and customer response time


  • Organization structure audit report with recommendations

  • Departmental restructuring model

  • Organization charts in digital format

Measuring the performance of your staff based on relevant KPI’s is an integral capability for optimizing workforce effectiveness. We design performance management systems that are customized to the company and its industry in order to assess performance based on core competencies required to succeed in their line of work.

Service Benefits:

  • Objectively differentiate between top performers and poor performers

  • Ability to identify unique KPI’s for each position

  • Ability to link employee performance to strategic objectives


  • Performance Management manual for HR professionals and line managers on how to implement and administer the system

  • Performance Appraisal forms for each unique job family and department in line with core competencies

  • Excel sheets for each performance appraisal with scoring system and instructional guide (HRIS implementation available)

When integrated into a company’s recruitment and development practices, psychometric assessments give companies a scientific indicator of a candidate or employee’s performance on the job. Competency-based assessments and assessment centers are scientifically proven and validated to predict top and bottom performance while providing insights into the development needs of an employee. This service is designed for companies that wish to implement psychometric assessments as part of their HR functions.

Service Benefits:

  • Accurately predict a candidate’s performance before hiring them

  • Measure the cognitive (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) of employees and candidates

  • Decrease employee turnover by making better hiring decisions backed by science

  • Identify the soft skills needs of your current employees and customize training workshops accordingly


  • Implementation of cloud-based psychometric assessments software

  • Training for HR team on how to administer and interpret assessment reports

This service is designed for companies that are facing challenges with their recruitment process. It might be a company that doesn’t have a formal recruitment process or a company that already has one but facing difficulties with issues such as lengthy time to hire, high recruitment costs, inefficient sourcing methods, and more.

Service Benefits:

  • Identify your recruitment needs and formulate an appropriate strategy.

  • Pinpoint weaknesses in your company’s recruitment process.

  • Develop a consistent recruitment process backed by analytics.


  • Audit report detailing current recruitment process and recommended plan of action.

  • Formal documented recruitment process based on international HR standards.

  • Integration of recruitment process into HR software, if available.

  • Specifying measures, metrics, and analytics for managing recruitment function.

  • Design employee orientation and onboarding program.

Training needs analysis is linked to performance management and helps companies identify skill gaps based on the identified job competencies. Instead of delivering random training courses to employees, we help companies develop a structure that allows them to identify the skill gaps related to core competencies, which in turn directly affect performance and competitive advantage.

Service Benefits:

  • Identify skills needed to be competitive in the client’s industry.

  • Identify the gap between employees’ current skills and requirements for competitive performance.

  • Define action plan to solve skills gap within the company and remain competitive.


  • Defining client’s core competencies for competitiveness in their respective market(s).

  • Customizing assessments to be administered to targeted employees to identify skill levels in the selected core competencies.

  • Generating assessment results per competency per employee. This information is presented in an assessment report template for each individual employee.

  • A gap analysis report is presented to management that shows the level of expertise in the core competencies for the tested employees.

  • A training action plan is designed to fit the team requirements.

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