Career Counseling & Orientation Services

For University Students

The job market today is as competitive as ever. With a struggling world economy and an excess of labor supply, fresh graduates are having a tough time landing jobs after graduation. Our career counseling experts have designed a number of training workshops to help fresh graduates stand out from the competition and fine-tune their professional approach to add value to an employer and land them better jobs.

For University Career & Orientation Staff

Keeping up with today’s job market trends and needs is a full time job and requires direct access to the corporate world. With extensive experience in recruiting, training, and HR consulting  for companies in the private sector across the MENA region, our trainers are able to train University Career Counselors and Placement Officers on how to prepare their students and alumni for today’s fast-changing job market.

Professional Resume Writing

Students will learn how to write targeted resumes for each type of job or industry. We discuss the different types of resumes and provide a detailed explanation of all components of a resume. In addition, we discuss the different formats and resume norms for each geographical region around the globe. After completing this workshop, students will be able to write solid resumes while conforming to best practices and avoiding common pitfalls.

The Online Job Search

The world of recruitment is now dominated by the internet, which operates under a specific set of standards that fresh graduates need to be aware of. We will discuss company job portals, popular social media tools such as LinkedIn, and popular job boards in the region. The goal is to teach students how to adapt their profiles to each unique platform and open their eyes to loopholes that can give them an edge over the competition.


With the growth of startups around the region, entrepreneurship is increasingly becoming a viable option for many fresh graduates. We teach students how to find the idea and identify the opportunity. Our trainers have first-hand experience in launching businesses and will provide students with a lot of insight into the entrepreneurship scene, including pros and cons.

The Different Career Paths

We will prepare a 1-hour workshop that discusses all the career paths and provide some insight into the areas with the brightest job prospects and highest earning potential. It is recommended that students attending this workshop be grouped by similar majors because a unique workshop is designed for each department.

Interviewing for Success

Students will learn how to go about the interviewing process. This includes discussing the necessary preparations before the interview, how to handle the personal interview, and steps to take after the interview. We will also discuss some of the most common interview questions and how to tackle each one.

Effective Job Search Techniques

This workshop teaches students how to set an effective job search strategy. We discuss the 8 steps of every job search and talk about the different job sources, and when to use each one. Students will also be presented with statistical data on the success rates of every job source available today.

The Regional Job Market

This workshop sheds light into the state of the job market in Lebanon and the Middle East by identifying the high-demand and low-demand jobs. We will also discuss the salary scales in Lebanon and the region across the most common job roles.

Professional Business Letters

The resume and cover letter are not the only documents involved in the job search. Scholars will learn about five other essential business communication tools and when to use each appropriately. Special focus will be placed on the cover letter.

Additional Job Seeker Services

Professional Resume Writing

Resume writers will help you craft customized resumes for your jobs and industries of choice. We’ll teach you some tricks of the trade to help you with future modifications.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Our team of experts will help you create an effective online presence on LinkedIn and other social networks job websites to maximize your job search efforts.

1-on-1 Interview Training

We’ll teach you how to nail the interview and discuss more than 100 common interview questions. When you’re done, you’ll be able to ace every interview.

To learn more about the above services, contact us and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.