Assessments for Coaching & Development

For an organization to maintain a high level of performance, it must continuously monitor the training and development needs of its employees and ensure that it acts in a timely manner.

Companies typically struggle with identifying development needs on the soft skills and behavioral level. They end up sending employees to workshop after workshop without noticing considerable performance returns on investment.

The key to effective training and development is to clearly identify the key developmental areas of each employee. Our psychometric assessments provide companies with tools that utilize a scientific and tangible approach to employee development.

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Assessments Designed for Training & Development

DISC Behavioral Styles

The world’s #1 behavioral profiling tool. Our DISC reports are as much prescriptive as they are descriptive. They are unique because they teach users specific skills to improve their own interpersonal interactions.

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Emotional Intelligence

Helps to uncover an employee’s emotional intelligence on four unique dimensions and generates a report that offers details on how to improve emotional intelligence. Ideal for mid-level staff, senior managers, and client-facing roles.

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Learning Styles

Identifies each individual’s best means for learning and retaining new information. In essence, understanding learning styles is the key to maximizing an organization’s training investments, enlightening its management teams and even assembling top performing teams.

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Dynamic Sales IQ

Measures a sales professional’s understanding of the strategies required to sell successfully in any environment across eight primary sales competencies. The assessment is used to identify selling strengths and weaknesses while also offering a development plan tailored to each person.

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360 Behavioral Profiles

Pulls collective data from dozens (even hundreds) of colleagues, employees, direct reports, and clients. The report provides each user with an objective “self-audit” so that they may eliminate and prevent workplace inefficiencies stemming from behavioral misunderstandings.

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Microsoft Office Tests

Test the skill level of your employees with our software simulation tests for Microsoft Office Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, and Word. Available in Office 2007, 2010, and 2013 editions. Identify the skill gaps of your staff and customize training programs based on their needs.

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